Denver Finished Basement Pictures

L & D completes custom basement finishing throughout Denver.  Below you can see a few recent projects we completed. You can click on the individual picture to see the larger view, and then just click back in your browser to return to this page.


L & D Construction Basement Finish

Shoshone Street  Denver Colorado. and

L & D Construction Basement Finish, W. 36th, Denver Colorado

3357 W 36th_08_Bar023357 W 36th_10_Shelves  3357 W 36th_07_Bar 3357 W 36th_05_LivingRoom 3357 W 36th_04_Bathroom01b 3357 W 36th_03_Bathroom01a 3357 W 36th_02_Bedroomb

3424_Shoshone_Street_09_FamilyRoom03[1] 3424_Shoshone_Street_03_Bathroom01[1] 3424_Shoshone_Street_05_GreatRoom02[1] 3424_Shoshone_Street_09_FamilyRoom03[2] 3424_Shoshone_Street_10_Bedroom01[1] 3424_Shoshone_Street_14_RecRoom02[1] 3424_Shoshone_Street_12_Bathroom02[1] 3424_Shoshone_Street_11_FamilyRoom[1] 3424_Shoshone_Street_10_Bedroom01[1] 3424_Shoshone_Street_09_FamilyRoom03[1]

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