Process for Basement Finishing and Remodeling Projects


At L & D Construction we understand that it’s important for you to understand the process in finishing your basement or your remodeling project. A clear and well implemented process makes your experience less stressful.

Process for the proposal:

The first step is contacting us, and discussing the scope of your project. For a basement finish or remodel we will want to know as much of the following as possible. Some questions relate directly to a basement finish, the others will relate to both.

  • What’s the size of the basement or remodel project?
  • What rooms do you want in your basement, or to remodel?
  • How old is your home?
  • What will be the primary use of the new space?
  • Do you expect guests to be staying in the basement?
  • Will the basement or remodeled space be used for additional family space?
  • Will you need an office in the new basement?
  • Does the basement have any egress windows now?
  • Does the basement have rough in plumbing?
  • What type of floor does your basement have?
  • What is the height of the ceilings?
  • Will you want to include a wet bar, wine cellar, fireplace, exercise area, other upgrades?
  • What is the budget you are looking at for the project?
  • What is the time frame to have the basement or remodel completed?
  • Do you have any drawings or do you have an architect?


You won’t need exact answers on any of these questions, but the more information we have before we come for an on-site visit, the faster and more productive the process will go.

The next step is the first in home visit. It’s better if everyone involved in the decision on contractor selection is present. We provide free estimates or consultations Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

The In Home Appointment:

During this appointment we will look at the basement or space to be remodeled, gather your ideas, measure, and may give you a few additional design ideas to include or change. We also will present you with our company information and references to call.

Generally within a week we will send you a draft of the design and ballpark pricing. Once you have a chance to review it, we can set a time for a phone call to make any changes you may want, and discuss details. After this call we can prepare a final proposal.
It should be noted that more complex remodels, like a pop top, or major remodel may take significantly longer to see the first draft. In some cases, we may need to wait for your architect to provide drawings before any cost proposal can be given.

The Final Proposal and Meeting:

We will sit down with you and go through the proposal, costs, timing, payment schedule, construction schedule, permitting process and other details. At this point you will have a final design and a price. The cost of your basement or remodeling project will have some allowance items included at a price range that is normal or customary for the products you will be choosing. Items like cabinets, vanities and more will be up to you to purchase, unless you want us to do that for you.

We would hope you choose us at this meeting, and we can sign the paperwork to move forward.

The construction process can vary a great deal depending on the project scope. Even the city your home is located in will affect the schedule, as different building departments have shorter or longer time frames for approval on permits.

Basement Finishes are generally completed within 8-10 weeks. Bathroom and Kitchen remodels may only take a few weeks. Remodeling project completion timing can vary a great deal, but we will give you a schedule and time completion assessment for any project.

You will have a schedule of construction updates throughout the project, and we know that communication is the key for your project to go well.

Please feel free to call us to discuss any of the unique processes that might be a part of your new basement finish or remodel project in the Denver Metro area.